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When you list your home with a Realtor, the pictures will be broadcast over the Internet to 1000’s of potential buyers. Today’s HD monitors provide excellent resolution. In addition, our method of photography brings out a lot of detail. To help make your home look its best, and attract the most buyers possible, we have put together this checklist to help you prepare your home for picture day.

The photographer will move a few small items that might distract from a photo; such as trash bins, soap dispensers, dish towels etc. However he cannot do a large scale de-cluttering of shelves, countertops, rooms and tables. That should be done before he arrives.  

  • Remove clutter from counters, tabletops, shelves etc.
  • Remove shampoo/conditioner bottles, makeup accessories from counters, showers and tubs.  
  • Clean windows, appliances, mirrors and all reflective surfaces. Be sure there is minimal or no streaking; streaks will show up in pictures.
  • Remove child safety fences. For insurance purposes the photographer will not remove child safety fences. Remember emotion is what sells a home. You want the buyer to not only  imagine themselves swimming and relaxing in the pool, but also enjoying the view from anywhere on the property.
  • Remove pool sweeps from pool.
  • Do not leave pool equipment/chemicals (I.e. nets, chlorine containers etc) in view. It is not only unsightly in the pictures, but is also reminds buyers of the work and expense involved in maintaining a pool.
  • Replace burned out light bulbs
  • Remove items that can be seen under beds.
  • Be sure bed sheets and comforters are neatly tucked or hanging freely on the sides of beds and free of wrinkles.
  • Remove vehicles from driveways
  • Pressure wash exterior areas where needed.
  • Remove floor mats in bathrooms and kitchens*.
  • Remove dish towels from appliance handles.
  • Remove magnets, notes, pictures etc. from refrigerators
  • When the photographer arrives please try to have every available light on (including lamps). Turn all ceilings fans off.

*If the color of a floor mat is in stark contrast to the flooring, it draws the viewer’s eye to the mat instead of the features in the room. They also hide the natural beauty of certain types of flooring materials.