• Turnaround time is typically within 24 hours of the shoot, barring any extraordinary circumstances.
  • The photographer may (within reason) move or rearrange items in the home so that the home looks its best in the images. However photographer is not responsible for tidying up, cleaning or moving furniture such as computers, tables, lamps, appliances or other valuables.
  • We have provided a “TO DO” list for sellers to review so that their home shows its best on the day of the shoot. It is advisable to direct them to the link on our site http://www.georgecrudo.com/preparing-your-home
  • We make all attempts to photograph the property to present it in the best possible way. If you have a request to highlight specific features, views or rooms please inform us prior to the shoot.   
  • After the shoot you will be emailed a link to our site to select your images. 
  • Depending on the realtor package and size of the property, a number of images will be provided to choose from. You will usually have more images than the package of choice provides. Please be sure you and your client agree on the image choices from the onset. Once you make your selection, a download link will be provided. Should you need additional images after the download link is provided, charges for additional images may apply.



George Crudo Photography retains the copyright to all images.

Photography licensing for services described on realtor pricing page for use are as follows:

License for real estate photography is limited to purchaser only. All photography bookings are a direct contract between George Crudo Photography & the purchaser. The vendor, tenant, investor or any associated person(s) have no involvement in the contract

Licensee is permitted to use licensed photos via print, web or other media for the purpose of selling the listed property and for the purposes of personal marketing.

License is non-transferable and may not be loaned, given, sold to, or used by, other agents, parties, vendors, etc, except by George Crudo Photography, the copyright holder, or by purchasing an extended use license.

By scheduling a real estate shoot with George Crudo Photography, the agent agrees to the above terms and conditions